First Arabic Baptist Church الكنيسة المعمدانية العربية: About Us
First Arabic Baptist Church الكنيسة المعمدانية العربية

About Us

Our church has been serving the Middle Eastern community for over two decades. Pastor Jamal and his wife Yvonne Bishara, started the church in 1988. The First Arabic Baptist Church is part of the Southern Baptist denomination. We have a bi-lingual service. We serve both English and Arabic speakers.

Our mission is to reach the lost for Christ, First Arabic Baptist Church has been called by God to proclaim the Gospel in our world by exalting the Savior, Equipping the saints and evangelizing the lost.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ and that the bible is God’s infallible, unchanging Word.

We believe that God has called all Christians to share the love of Christ with their world.

We believe that all people should have an opportunity to encounter the love of Christ and hear of the gospel in their own culture.

We believe that evangelism, through the sharing of the love of Christ, His Word, includes equipping, discipleship, and ministry resulting in indigenous churches.


Pastor Jamal Bishara




Pastor Jamal Bishara was born and raised in Nazareth, Israel. He grew up Catholic and always had a desire to serve the lord. Pastor Jamal got involved with Baptist missionaries that began a youth program in his town. The missionaries helped lead Pastor Jamal to a relationship with Jesus Christ. He came to the United States as a young man. He attended Grand Canyon University where he met his wife. They had four daughters; Amber, Melissa, Susie, and Grace. The Southern Baptist had learned that Jamal had a desire to enter into the ministry. They asked if he would start an Arabic Speaking Church in Phoenix. Jamal excepted the invitation to become a Pastor. Pastor Jamal has a heart to reach the Muslims for Christ. He holds conferences every year teaching the Saints how they can reach Muslims for Christ.