First Arabic Baptist Church الكنيسة المعمدانية العربية
First Arabic Baptist Church الكنيسة المعمدانية العربية

Welcome Everyone. ألكنيسة العربية المعمدانية ترحب بالجميع



Listen to this radio interview that was done about the church. Note- we no longer have services in Chandler.


We look forward to your visit

We would love for you to come and fellowship with us. The First Arabic Baptist Church has been established since 1988 with Pastor Jamal and Yvonne Bishara. We are a bi-lingual church. We offer our service in Arabic and in English.


Service Times:

Sunday Worship 11 AM

Children Sunday School 11AM

Friday Night Bible 7PM


الرب يسوع بموته على الصليب حطم العداوة بين الجميع وجعل جميع اللذين يؤمنون به جسدا واحدا به

The Lord Jesus Christ through his cross abolished the enmity between people and he made all those who believe in him one body.

The church welcomes all who are seeking a relationship with Jesus and want to live Godly way.
الكنيسة ترحب بجمع طالبي علاقة شخصية مع الرب يسوع ويريدون أن يحيوا بالتقوة

تعال واختبر محبة الله لك
Come and experience the love of God for yourself